How to Disable AutoPlay Videos on Facebook

If you are irritating with Auto-play Videos on or Facebook app then you can simple disable Auto Play Videos by following below steps, you can also disable auto audio using below settings.

Disable AutoPlay Videos on Facebook

1. Log in to your Facebook account, Click on Down arrow Icon.

2. Choose Settings, It will display list of settings.

3. Now look for Videos Settings(Left Side Bottom), or go with this link directly

4. Now option second Auto-Play Videos, Choose Off from Drop down. Above settings only apply when you use the Facebook website. See below image to Disable AutoPlay Videos on Facebook

How to Disable AutoPlay Videos on Facebook

How to disable autoplay videos on Facebook App

If you are using Facebook on Android smartphone or iPhone then check below how to turn off autoplay videos Facebook on your mobile App.

1. Open the Facebook app

2. Tap on Menu icon ≡

3. Scroll down and tap Settings

4. Tap Videos > Auto play and Now choose an option to disable

Note: If you don’t see Videos in your iPhone or iPad’s Facebook app settings, try updating the Facebook app.

To Turnoff auto-play videos in your Facebook app, check this guide