how to use vpn99

How to Ensure Your Anonymity and Bypass the Blocking of any Resource on the Internet

Indian citizens use VPN services to increase their privacy and security when they are using the internet. In addition to their privacy, VPN allows Indians to unlock geographically restricted content such as American streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu or to access their favorite content from India, such as Hotstar, while they are abroad.

At the present time, the issue of preserving confidentiality, personal data, correspondence secrecy is also relevant, as the desire of various kinds of fraudsters, Internet corporations and special services is increased to get as much information about each user as possible, about all his actions and interactions. The easiest way to maintain access to your favorite resources, and in general to increase security during surfing the Internet, is using VPN service. For example, VPN99.

how to use vpn99 What is VPN

What is VPN and how does it work

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN is a technology that provides an encrypted connection over the Internet and protects the sent data. The principle of technology is to create a secure virtual cable between a computer and a server, it is often also called a tunnel.

Simply put, each device has a specific IP address that blocks access to certain resources. The user turns on VPN with any program or extension. The VPN service changes the IP address to an address from a server in another country. Next, a secure connection is created that the provider cannot block, and intruders will not be able to recognize them due to encryption when intercepting data. The result is a secure protocol by which you can freely visit any Internet sites, and it is completely anonymous.

Why do we need VPN?

Everyone needs to use VPN services for the following reasons:

Data protection. Traffic over open wireless networks can be easily intercepted, such as logins and passwords or credit card information. This applies to any places with free Wi-Fi.

Complete anonymity. No one will see your browsing history on the Internet, since you use an another IP address.
The ability to surf the Internet without obstacles. All sites will be available for you, ranging from online casinos to adult sites. With VPN you will not even notice that there are problems with access to some resource: everything will continue to work stably.

How to use VPN (for example VPN99)?

Today, there is a large selection of VPN service providers, both for computers and for phones. If you are looking for an affordable and secure VPN service, then VPN99 may be the best choice.

To start using VPN, you can install the browser extension in one click or configure the application on the device. Then you need to register in VPN 99 and subscribe. Stable service has a fixed rate for 99 cents per month. It works in all operating systems and popular browsers.


One of the main reasons why you should use VPN99 is the convenience of work. The service software is quite simple and understandable both in the installation and in the configuration. You can easily bypass the blocking and use resources that are not available in the country.
On the service website you can find step-by-step instructions for each of the supported devices.

In addition to free access, you also get other benefits when using a VPN service. Your data is safe, neither providers, nor special services can track your actions on the Internet, it follows that all correspondence will be completely confidential. You become invisible and get complete anonymity.
A full-fledged VPN with all its capabilities costs less than $ 1 (namely, $ 0.99).