how to keep static passsword on ICICI credit debit card

How To Keep A Static Password On ICICI Credit Card Debit Card To Use ICICI Cards Without OTP for Online Transactions

If you are an ICICI Bank Customer then you can set/keep a Static password for online transactions you perform, by setting this Static Password you can skip the OTP verification Step and can enter the Static Password to finalize the payment, its like use ICICI credit card without OTP number. This ICICI Bank 3D Secure Service static password is safe and speed. See below on How to Create a Static Password for ICICI Credit Card or Debit Card.

Static Password on ICICI Credit Card

how to keep static passsword on ICICI credit debit card

How can I use my ICICI credit card without the OTP number?

Visit ICICI Bank 3D Secure Service Page below and there you can set Static Passsword for Cards Verified by Visa (VBV), MasterCard SecureCode and ICICI Bank American Express Cards.

While transacting online on Verified by Visa or MasterCard or American Express enabled websites, there will be a password prompt and OTP options, Where you can enter your password inplace of OTPs which comes to your mobile number.

ICICI Credit Card without OTP

How to Set a Static Passsword on ICICI Cards?

First Visit the ICICI Bank Secure Online Payment Website.

Registration for ICICI Bank 3D Secure Service:

How to Register for ICICI Bank 3D Secure Service

Now Sign up as New User – Register Now on your ICICI Card.

Now do Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and click on I agree Submit button.

It will ask your to enter ICICI Card Number and click on Next.

Enter details of your ICICI Bank Credit/Debit/Travel Currency Card, for confirming your card identity.

Dont worry it is safe only.

Upon entering details you will get an OTP now enter One Time Password (OTP) sent to your Mobile and Email to complete the ICICI 3D Secure Service registration. You will receive OTP like below.

Now it will show up your Personal Detail for creation of login Id and password.

Now Enter Login ID and Password to register for ICICI 3D Secure Service. During Shopping, you will need to authenticate yourself using your Password for 3DS.

This static password or 3D secure password will be helpful when we don’t have our mobile near or with us or when you don’t receive OTPs on your mobile faster due to network problem.