How to Know LIC Policy Details by SMS

If you are Life Insurance Corporation of India LIC customer then Now by Sending SMS you can Know your LIC Policy Details like Premium Details, Loan, LIC Bonus, Revival and Nomination details. Just send sms to Know LIC Policy Details by SMS.

LIC Policy Details by SMS

How to Know LIC Policy Details by SMS ASKLIC 9222492224 LICHELP 5676787


To know LIC Policy Details by SMS you need to send a sms from your registered mobile number to 9222492224 or 56767877 in below format.

To know LIC Premium Details send sms as below

Format: ASKLIC PolicyNumber PREMIUM

E.g., ASKLIC 605521511 PREMIUM send sms to 9222492224

Upon sending sms you get instant like below

Premium for policy is Rs 1516.0

Below are other details a LIC Policy holder can avail:

Policyholder can type:

ASKLIC (policy number ) type of query i.e. prem/rev/bonus/loan/nom (premium/ Loan/ Bonus/ Revival/ Nomination) on his mobile and send it to code ‘9222492224’ via sms to get the necessary information.

For Loan Details

Format: ASKLIC PolicyNumber PREMIUM

For LIC Bonus Details

Format: ASKLIC PolicyNumber BONUS

For LIC Revival Details

Format: ASKLIC PolicyNumber REVIVAL

For LIC Nomination Details

Format: ASKLIC PolicyNumber NOMINATION

You can also send sms to 56767877 using SMS format but replace ASKLIC with LICHELP.

E.g., LICHELP 605521511 PREMIUM and send sms to 56767877

Note: Sending sms to 09222492224 will charge Re 1 or free if you have sms offer on your mobile number, but sending sms to 56767877 is chargeable at Rs 3 per sms.