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How to Protect Hair from Bald for Men and Women

If you are going bald, then it has a lot to do with genetics but you can reduce it by including oat cross to your daily diet. It prevents the occurring process and Saw Palmetto also help in preventing from going bald. You can protect your hairs from going bald by using various helpful techniques.

Hair loss can happen to anyone and it is a serious problem. Do not use gels or sprays as it can damage your hair completely. You can use herbs and minerals for the safety of your hairs. There are several treatments you can use to prevent hair fall and promote regrowth of your hair.



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Some treatments are as follows on How to Protect Hair from Bald :

  • Rogaine is a hair growth treatment which is recommended by experts and it is very useful for your hair growth.
  • You can use a rinse made up of sage tea and apple cider vinegar for a better treatment to prevent bald spots.
  • Sulphur treatment is terrific for the hair and plays an important role in the structure of your mane. It can prevent hair falling and results in hair regrowing.
  • You can use massage your scalp using extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. After this, leave it on overnight- you should cover your hair with the help of towel to protect it and wash it completely in the morning.
  • You can also use black tea with a little lemon juice. Massage this into your hair will help in preventing hair fall completely.
  • You should mix two eggs with three tablespoons of water. First wet your hair then apply the mixture massaging at least for 10 minutes. After this, simply shampoo for the best effect.
  • Mayo hair is a best treatment for your bald spots. It is done by mixing one tablespoon of Mayo with two eggs and then apply it on your hair for an hour and then wash it properly, it will help in hair shaft activation and will make your hair soft. After doing this, do not blow dry it as you want to wash it with a natural shampoo. If you are not having natural shampoo, then you use an apple cider rinse which will be made by mixing one tablespoon of apple cider with one litre water.
  • Use Mira hair oil which can grow your name back. Apply as a scalp massage for two or three times a week for good results.
  • You can follow all the above treatments which will help you in preventing your hair from doing bald. It will take some time for your hair to come back. Also try to use an ayurvedic oil as it has been proven one of the most effective oil at growing hair. It is also better for you to know the mechanics of hair growth, the shedding and resting phase. By knowing all these things, you will get to know the problems which can cause hair loss. So, start applying these treatments that will be best for your hairs.