How to Reset PNB ATM Card PIN Regenerate Debit Card PIN
ATM Card PIN Reset

How to Reset PNB ATM PIN Debit Card PIN

If you a Punjab National bank customer and has lost or forgot your PNB ATM Card PIN then you can reset or regenerate ATM PIN easily to Generate Debit Card Green PIN choose any of the methods below.


You can reset or regenerate a new ATM PIN in 2 best ways they are through PNB ATM’s and IBS account.

For Punjab National bank atm pin reset you need to first send a SMS to receive an OTP, send a sms in below format to 5607040 from your registered mobile number.

Format: DCPIN space CARDNUMBER to 5607040

E.g., DCPIN 4352526247854452 and send sms to 5607040

You will receive a 6 digits OTP.

PNB atm card pin reset

Now visit any PNB ATM and insert your ATM Card

Under Banking on language selection screen, GREEN PIN option has been provided for setting the debit card PIN using OTP.

Now Select GREEN PIN option and enter 6 digits OTP you received earlier then OK

Now enter your new ATM Pin and re Enter to Confirm.

It will show a messages like “Thank you, your PIN has been set successfully”.

How to Reset PNB ATM Card PIN regenerate Debit Card PIN

Change Punjab National bank ATM PIN

If you want to Regenerate or Change your ATM PIN you can do above steps.

Reset PNB ATM Pin in IBS

Log in to IBS retail account

Go to Value Added Services -> Card Related Services -> Set/Reset Debit Card PIN.

Now enter Card Number, Expiry Date and OTP you received in sms.

Now Enter new 4 digit ATM Pin.

Then click on Submit.