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How to Stop International WhatsApp Calls? Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Block the Spam Calls

Since 1 week many people are receiving International Spam Calls on WhatsApp either Audio or Video calls, lets see below how to stop these unwanted calls on WhatsApp from International numbers.

Stop International WhatsApp Calls

Using below 3 settings you can stop the WhatsApp International Spam Calls.

Step #1. Open WhatsApp then go to Account Section then Security Notifications.

Now Enable Show Security Notifications on this device.

Show security notifications on this device whatsapp setting

Step #2. Go to Settings -> Privacy Settings -> Calls

Enable Silence Unknown Callers. (If you dont have this option Update your WhatsApp App).

Silence unknown callers on

Step #3. Go to Settings -> Privacy Settings -> Select Groups

Now Choose My Contacts Option.

Who can add me to groups on Whatsapp

By following above steps you can unblock unwanted Video Calls from International Numbers on your WhatsApp.