ICICI Credit Card Debit Card OTP By SMS 9215676766
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How to Get ICICI Debit Credit Card OTP By Sending SMS To 9215676766

If you are an ICICI Bank customer and using your ICICI Credit/Debit cum ATM card for any online transaction and not receiving the OTP on your mobile number, then simply you can generate an OTP by sending an SMS to an official number of ICICI Bank to get OTP for your ICICI Credit Card or ATM Card.

ICICI Credit Card OTP By SMS

You must send the SMS from the registered mobile number associated to the ICICI bank account.

ICICI Credit Card Debit Card OTP By SMS 9215676766


To request a new OTP or regenerate a new OTP for ICICI Card online transaction send an SMS as below to 09215676766.

Format: IBOTP and send SMS to 5676766 or 9215676766

Note: Please do not share the received OTP with anyone, even if the person claims to be an ICICI Bank official.

Better try the above method only if you have not received OTP One Time Password on your mobile while doing or performing an online transaction.

PS: Sending SMS to 5676766 will be charged Rs 3 per SMS and for 9215676766 it is Re 1 or mostly free.