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ICICI Whatsapp Banking to know Account Balance Mini Statement Block Cards and Other Details

One of the India’s top private bank ICICI has launched banking services on WhatsApp platform, where using this ICICI Whatsapp Banking service customers can know their account balance, mini statement, available credit limit, Block/Unblock cards, Pre-approved Instant loans and other offers. See below how to activate ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking and other details.

ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking

How to Activate ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking

On your registered mobile number first save this ICICI Bank’s verified WhatsApp profile number 8640086400 on your phone Contacts. Then send ‘Hi’ from your WhatsApp number. Now you will get a reply for the activation and list of services.

You can also give a missed call or send sms as OPTIN to 9542000030 to start the Whatsapp Banking service.

ICICI Whatsapp Banking

ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking 8640086400 to know Account Balance Mini Statement Block Cards

Things you can do using Whatsapp Banking of ICICI:

1. Know your Account Balance
2. Mini Statement
3. Credit Card limit
4. Block or Unblock Cards
5. ICICI Bank ATM’s
6. Instant Loans
7. Open an InstaSave Account

ICICI Check Account Balance

To know your ICICI bank account balance on WhatsApp banking send as below in your WhatsApp.

Keyword: balance or bal or ac bal

upon sending above ICICI will reply your account balance.

For Mini Statement

To know last three transactions on your bank account send any of the below keyword.

Keyword: transaction or stmt or history

Block or Unblock Cards

Now using ICICI bank Whatsapp Banking service you can also Block/Unblock credit and debit card instantly. Send below keyword to perform the action.

Keyword: block or unblock or lost my card

Available Limit on Credit Card

To know outstanding balance and view available credit limit of credit card, send any of the below keyword on WhatsApp account.

Keyword: limit or cc limit or cc balance

For Pre-approved Instant Loans

To know details of available pre-approved instant loans on your ICICI bank account send any of the keyword below.

Keyword: loan or instant loan or home loan or personal loan

For ICICI Bank ATM and branch

To know nearest ICICI Bank ATM and branch, send as below.

Keyword: ATM or branch or nearest atm

ICICI Bank Offers

To know latest or nearby offers on travel, dining, shopping etc., send keyword as below.

Keyword: offer or discounts.

New Services on ICICI Bank WhatsApp Service Chat

Using ICICI Bank WhatsApp service you can also do services like Create a fixed deposit, Make a bill payment, Check customer ID & Import Export (IE) code, View credit limit, Track inward remittances pending for settlement and View inward remittances credit history.

How to Open ICICI Bank InstaSave Account by Whatsapp Banking?

Using the Whatsapp service you can open ICICI Bank InstaSave Savings account easily.

Just type any of the below keywords in the Whatsapp Chat to open an account.

open instasave account
open ac / open account
savings acc
insta savings

Stop ICICI WhatsApp Banking

If you want to deactivate or stop receiving alerts from the ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking service SMS OPTOUT to 9542000030.

ICICI WhatsApp Banking Not Working

If the ICICI WhatsApp banking service is not working make sure you are sending correct keyword or using the registered mobile number with the bank account or not.

Note: This ICICI WhatsApp banking service is free of charge for ICICI customers.