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Idea SMS Center Number for all Circles By State

IF you are a Idea customer and unable to send sms from your mobile phone then one of the reason could be your sms center number might be wrong, check below list of Idea SMS Center Number based on your circle and update on your phone.

Idea SMS Center Number

Below are the SMS center number for Idea mobile network.

Andhra Pradesh +919848001104
Telangana +919848001104
Assam +919085001500
Bihar +919708099966
Jharkhand +919708099966
Delhi +919891030099
NCR +919891030099
Gujarat +919824078000

Haryana +919812099995
Himachal Pradesh +919882099995
Jammu and Kashmir +919086047111
Karnataka +919844198441
Kerala +919847099996
Kolkata +919088001500

Maharashtra +919822078000
Madhya Pradesh +919826012311
Chhattisgarh +919826012311
Mumbai +919702000555
NESA North East India States +919089001500
Odisha +919090989972

Punjab +919814047105
Rajasthan +919887040099
TamilNadu +919092004600
Uttar Pradesh East +919889199996
Uttar Pradesh West +919837099995
Uttarakhand +919837099995
West Bengal +919093001500

How to Update SMS Center Number

If you want to update or change Idea SMS Center Number on your phone check below:

Go to Messages then Settings then Advanced Settings

Now it will show SMS center number section, choose your mobile carrier and update the SMS service center.