free laxmicoin
Blockchain Do u Know?

India’s first Digital Currency Laxmicoin Launched, Sign up to get free Laxmicoin

Laxmicoin is a blockchain platform and is India’s first Digital Currency. Started in 2012, there mission is to make the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications.


Currently Laxmicoin is offering a free Laxmicoin to its users Signup Now and get rewarded with 500 free Laxmicoin.

Free Laxmicoin

free laxmicoin
They’re giving away 500 to everyone who signs up till March 21st. As a part of their inaugural offer.


There is not need to pay anything. This offer is only available to only 2.5 million users.

Laxmicoin is a Blockchain Platform for Banking, Insurance, Good Governance, Health care, Supply chain and more.


So what are you waiting for Sign up and get free Laxmicoin.

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