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Kathor is the upcoming bollywood psychological drama movie directed by Karan Kashyap, casting Lalit Parimoo, Sheetal Dimri, Abhisek Pandey, Durga Sarkar, and Akhilesh Pandey.

Kathor Meaning

Kathor Meaning in English is Cruel

Kathor Meaning in Telugu is క్రూరమైన Kruramaina

Kathor Meaning in Tamil is கொடூரமான Koṭuramaṉa

Kathor Meaning in Kannada is ಕ್ರೂರ Krura

Kathor Meaning in Marathi is क्रूर Krura

Kathor Meaning in Malayalam is ക്രൂരത krurata

Kathor Movie Story or Plot

Neelkanth Chaturvedi, a constable in Bilaspur Central Jail, is on a duty to serve food to the prisoners when he comes across Padam, the Naxalite who killed his daughter. Will he curtail his fatherly instincts or will he avenge his daughter’s death?

Kathor Movie Trailer

Kathor movie release date is 14th September 2018.