Meanings Moral Stories

King Solomon This too shall pass

One of the wisest men of his time King Solomon gave his advisors a task. He asked them to find a way in which he could make himself happy when he’s sad or make himself sad when’s happy.

His advisors thought for a long time and eventually found a solution. No, their solution wasn’t an elaborate machine or something physical, instead their solution was a quote.

This too shall pass

The advisor’s solution worked. Whenever Solomon found himself to be too happy he remembered that the moment he was enjoying was fleeting. At the same time, when Solomon found himself sad, the quote reminded him that his sadness was temporary.

What is the lesson from this story?
The quote teaches you to enjoy the moment. You may be at the happiest point in your life, but that happiness isn’t permanent, so you should enjoy it while it lasts. But, if you feel miserable, the quote shows you that your sadness isn’t indefinite. Soon you’ll be back to normal.