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How to Know Who Unfriend You on Facebook

If you would like to know who unfriend you on Facebook or who deleted you on Facebook then there is a cool Google chrome extension available where you can see who unfriend you and who added you and who recently followed you. All you need to do is download the extension and check the details.

Who Unfriend on Facebook

See who deletes/unfriends you on Facebook! Who Deleted Me keeps track of your Facebook friend list and notifies you when friends go missing. We’ll tell you if they deleted you or deactivated you. We’ll also tell you when you make new friends!

How to Use who unfriended me app

1. Go to this Chrome Extension Link or https://www.deleted.io/

2. Download the extension then click on Icon it will go to http://www.deleted.io/app and then Connect with Facebook.

3. Your friend list is saved the first time you use Who Deleted Me Extension.

4. When you come back, your current friend list is compared to the saved version.

5. Which means it shows you who unfriend you or who deleted you.