Do u Know?

Do you Know using Li-fi Technology you can browse at 1GBps

Presently Using Wi-fi Wireless Fedility we get a maximum Speed is 54MBps, But in the near Future a new technology named as Li-fi Technology nothing but Light Fedility can make 1GBps data transfer to the users a reality.

Li-fi is the advanced technology in data transfer first discovered by Pioneer/Professor Harald Haas Of Edinburg University in the year 2011. Velmenni a start-Up which is in Estonia carried out experiments on Li-fi Technology and stated that this service would be made available for the people within 3-4 years.

What is Li-fi Technology

According to Professor,Haas every illuminating bulb can be used for high speed data transfer. Data is transferred in the form of Beam illuminated from light source through the air. CEO of Velmenni Deepak stated that they had already made such type of arrangements in some industries to cater their internet needs through Visible Light Communication Technology. Li-fi technology involves a microchip which is to be integrated to any illuminating device, this turns a illuminating device also as a wireless data transfer device.

Watch below Ted Talk from Harald Haas on Wireless data from every light bulb