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LIC Money Back Policy Review Maturity Death Benefit

Life Insurance Corporation LIC has started a new LIC Money back policy is limited premium payment, non-linked, with profits money back plan .Premium in this plan needs to be paid for a period of 20 years while the policy continues for 25 years. Policy can be taken for anyone between 13 to 45 years of age for a fixed tenure of 25 years. 15% of the Sum Assured is paid to the Life Insured on survival at the end of every 5 years and the remaining 40% of the Sum Assured along with Vested Simple Reversionary Bonus + Final Addition Bonus would be paid to the Life Insured on survival till the end of the Policy Tenure as Maturity Benefit.

LIC Money Back Policy

Lic New Money Back Plan Eligibility:

Minimum age: 13 years
Maximum age: 45 years

Policy Term : 25 years

Sum Assured
Minimum sum assured: Rs 1,00,000
Maximum sum assured: No Limit.

Premium Paying Term – 20 years
Premium Paying Mode – Monthly (SSS, ECS), Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly.

LIC Money Back Policy Benefits

ON DEATH: Sum Assured on Death , vested Bonus & FAB if any.
Sum Assured on Death=Higher of 125% of Basic sum Assured Or 10 Times of Annualized Premium.
Death Benefits Shall not be less than 105% of total premiums paid as on date of death.
The premiums exclude taxes,Extra premium and rider premiums.

New Money Back Plan 25 year’s policyholder receives survival benefits at 15% Sum Assured 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th years .

At the end of 25th year, Policyholder receives Maturity Benefit which is 40% Sum Assured – Survival Benefits paid + BONUS +FAB, etc.

In case Policy holder dies within the term of the Policy, Death Benefit paid to Nominee i.e. Sum Assured + Bonus acquired till that Year.
We can opt for Accident Benefit Rider and Critical Illness Rider by paying small Amount with the Premium.New Money Back Policy – 25 years there is High Bonus and High liquidity and saving point.

Surrendered value :
The Policy can be Surrendered for cash provided at least 3 full years premiums have been paid completed.The Guaranteed Surrender value during policy term shall be a percentage of total premiums paid excluding extra premiums and premiums for riders,if opted for.This percentage will depend on the policy term and policy year in which the policy is Surrendered.

LIC Money Back Policy Loan :
Money Back Plan – 25 years Plan No. 821 Available after payment of 3 full years premiums. premiums. % of loan modified Loan granted shall be 90% of the The maximum amount of loan that can be granted Surrender Value in case of in force as a percentage of Surrender Value be as under: policies and 85% of the Surrender For in force and fully paid-up policies – up-to 90% Value in case of Paid-up policies. For paid-up policies – 80% Foreclosure action shall be initiated on Foreclosure action shall not be taken under fully default of 2 or more half-yearly loan paid-up and in force policies even if there is interest installments. default of loan interest.

LIC Money Back Policy Income Tax Benefit:

Premium paid under this plan is eligible for TAX rebate under section 80c. and Maturity under this plan is free under sec 10(10D).