List of Browser Keyboard Shortcuts For Chrome Firefox Safari

Below are few Browser Keyboard Shortcuts, these short cuts are very useful in our day to day life, and these shortcut codes will work on all major web browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari. Check Below 25 Best Key Board Shortcuts for all Web Browsers.

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Full Screen : To get full screen of browser press F11 key.

2. Next Tab : Press CTRL+T.

3. Close Current Tab/Window : Press CRTL+W.

4. To Open Closed Tab : Press CTRL+SHIFT+T.

5. Find : Press CTRL+F.

6. To Find Again : Press CTRL+G or F3.

7. On Caret Browsing : Press F7.

8. To Open Search Engine Page : Press CTRL+Shift+F works only firefox.

9. Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All : Press CTRL+X, CTRL+C, CTRL+V ,CTRL+A.

10. Undo & Redo :Press CTRL+Z and CTRL+Shift+Z.

11. To see Histroy : Press CTRL+H.

12. Zoom In & Zoom Out : Press CTRL+’+’ and CTRL+’-‘.

13. To Save as Bookmark : CTRL+B.

14. To Bookmark all opened Tabs: CTRL+Shift+D.

14. Reload Page /Refresh : CTRL+R or F5.

15. For Force Reload(No Cache) : CTRL+Shift+R or CTRL+Shift+F5.

16. Go to particular Tab : Press CTRL+1 / CTRL+2 / CTRL+3 /CTRL+4.

17 .To Save Page :Press CTRL+S.

18. To Print : Press CTRL+P.

19. To Open File : Press CTRL+O.

20. Default Size of Webpage : Press CTRL+0.

21. To View Page Source : Press CTRL+U.

22. To Goto Address Bar :Press ALT+D.

23. Developer Tools : Press F12.

24. For Menu : Press ALT.

25. To See Your Downloaded Content : Press CTRL+J.

Extra TIP to Delete Cookies from Browser Press CTRL+Shift+Del.