List of Crowdfunding Websites in India
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List of Crowdfunding Websites in India

If you are in need of raise money in your project or a cause then Crowdfunding sites will help your fundraising dreams, check out below for the List of Crowdfunding Websites in India, and Crowdfunding is a great way to get an idea off the ground.

Crowdfunding Websites in India

Best Crowdfunding Sites in India

Milaap : Milaap is currently India’s largest crowdfunding platform, has already raised funds of over Rs 500 crore in India. You can raise a funding in Education, Medical, Technology, Environment, Social entrepreneurship, Animals, Children, Sports, Memorials, Community, Arts and Media, Human rights, Rural Development etc., You can check this link to Join Milaap charges 5%.

Impactguru : Impactguru key area is for Medical causes and NGOs and is one of the Fastest funds raised for medical causes. so far has raised over 100+ crores and is only platform to offer Indian, UK and USA tax benefits. has been Incubated at Harvard Innovation Lab. charges 5% to 12% based on the fundraiser type.

List of Crowdfunding Websites in India

Ketto : Ketto is much like Milaap and is also one of the largest fundraising site in India, and is mostly for Celebrity charity and NGOs. so far launched over 1.5 lakh fundraisers of over 300+ crores value Within a span of just 6 years. Accepts Indian and foreign donations through all popular payment modes. fees is 5% of a raised fund.

Fueladream : Fueladream is best for raising funds for ideas people are passionate about and Get cool products and innovations which have been successfully crowdfunded and along with it you can do fundraising for charity, recovery, event, for a cause. Fueladream charges 3000 INR + 6% of the total amount collected and 3% payment gateway charges. You can check this link to raise funds as a campaign owner.

Wishberry : Wishberry is founded in 2009 and is India’s most successful crowdfunding platform for creative artists, you can raise funds for ​films, music, publishing, comics, theater and more. Wishberry charges Rs 15000 and 10% Wishberry’s Commission if you meet your funding goal.

Catapooolt : Catapooolt is best for creative entrepreneurs and Startups and it also Provides access to investors. Catapooolt charges 10%.

DreamWallets : Best to raise funds for sports, film, arts and Tech. Check this link to start a campaign

RangDe : is an online trusted donation platform in charity space that facilitates micro or low-cost loans to rural entrepreneurs.

LetsVenture: LetsVenture is best for Raise funds for Startups and Personal. check this link for raising funds

other couple of sites are bitgiving, start51, TheHotstart.