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Make your Teeth white by home made products

This is a Tip for making your Teeth White by using home products..!

If you are looking for various ways or products for making your teeth white then you must be suffering from the problem of yellow teeth or looking for ways to make your teeth whiter. In order to have whiter teeth, a lot of people use different kinds of teeth whitening products and methods. If you do not wish to spend your money in whitening your teeth then you have the option of using homemade secrets of teeth whitening.

Natural methods of teeth whitening are always good to use because they offer no side effects. Here are some of the homemade secrets for getting whiter teeth.

White Teeth First, you need to buy some baking soda from the market. After this, you should mix some salt with baking soda. The common salt mixed by you in baking soda should be very less than the baking soda. After this, you should rub your teeth with this mixture in a gentle manner. Do not apply this mixture on your gums. If you will apply it on gums with force then they may get damaged. By using this mixture, you would get instant results. The yellow stains on your teeth will get diminished in one go and your teeth will get a glitter.

Secrets to White Teeth Second, you should buy some strawberries from the market. After this, you should make a paste of strawberries by mashing them. Applying the paste of strawberries on teeth helps in whitening teeth in a natural manner. However, people should not forget that strawberries contain acid which can be harmful for the gums. Therefore, after a few minutes of applying this paste on your teeth, you should rinse your mouth or brush your teeth.

Secrets to White TeethThird, brush your teeth properly with the right kind of toothbrush. Many people do not know the right ways to brush teeth and a large number of people use improper toothbrushes. You should contact your dentist to know about the best tooth brush and toothpaste for you. If you ask your doctor about the proper manner of brushing then it will also be good for you.

Fourth, there are some vegetables which help to clean teeth due to their abrasion qualities. Celery, cucumber, carrots should be eaten by people who wish to whiten their teeth. These vegetables will help in removing stains from your teeth.