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New Airtel 3G Data Plans

Airtel Bharti limited is India’s best mobile network and offers few awesome 3G mobile data plans ,the Airtel 3G network has in majority of areas across India. See best plans of Airtel 3G data plans below.

New Airtel 3G Data Plans Internet Plan for Prepaid Customers

Recharge AmountUsage LimitValidityCharges after usage
Rs.1450 MB1 day2Ps/10 KB
Rs.45180 MB5 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.99300 MB30 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.2551 GB30 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.4552 GB30 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.655Unlimited 3G, Speed reduces after 3 GB30 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.755Unlimited 3G, Speed reduces after 4 GB30 Days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.855Unlimited 3G, Speed reduces after 5 GB30 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.9556 GB30 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.150510 GB30 Days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.1555Unlimited 3G, Speed reduces after 12 GB30 days2Ps/10 KB