New Dedicated Number for Indane Gas LPG Refill Booking

If you are an Indane LPG customer then here is a good news for you, Indian Oil has launched common Indane refill booking number across India which makes ease of booking for its customers specially when you are moving from one state to another state.

This new number is common number across the country for Indane LPG refill booking through SMS and IVRS.

Indane Gas New Booking Number

New Dedicated Number for Indane Gas LPG Refill Booking 7718955555


Indane LPG booking can be done by using only Registered mobile number, if you are already registered in Indane records then simply dial 07718955555 then IVRS will prompt to enter the 16 digit consumer ID.

Now Enter the consumer id, you can find this on Indane LPG invoices or cash memos or subscription voucher.

Upon entering the id the Indane Gas LPG refill booking will be accepted.

If mobile number is not linked or not available on Indane gas records then one-time registration of the mobile number should be done by entering your 16 digit consumer ID starting with 7.

Upon linking mobile number to Indane Gas records just follow above steps for Indane LPG refill.

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