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New Vodafone 2G Data Plans Internet Plans

Vodafone India is third larget mobile network in India, with subscribers of more than 180 millions. Vodafone offers wide range of 2G data plans for the prepaid mobile customers. Updated new Vodafone 2G data plans for year 2013 and 2014.

Vodafone 2G Data Plans

Recharge AmountUsage LimitValidityCharges after usage
Rs.1890 MB4 dayS2Ps/10 KB
Rs.27135 MB6 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.98500 MB20 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.115800 MB28 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.1241 GB28 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.1451.2 GB28 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.1982 GB, after limit 40 kbps unlimited28 days2Ps/10 KB
Rs.450Unlimited 2G28 days2Ps/10 KB