How to Open a Savings Account in Post Office

Its very Simple to open an Account in Post Office, and also from next year Post Office of India Introducing ATM like Card Facilities to their Savings Account customers, and also having a savings account in Post Office is full secure too.

How to open a Post Office Savings Account

How to Open a Savings Account Account in Post Office

1. Visit your nearest Post Office and ask for KYC forms for opening a Saving Account or Fixed Deposit.

2. Fill the forms, take an Id Proof like Ration Card, Driving License, Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Passport and also carry two passport photographs and check the correct option of either Savings Account/ Fixed Deposit.

3. Get signed by your introduce i.e., a person who already has an account in Post Office, this is only needed in case of opening a Saving Account and not required for a Fixed deposit account.

4. In case of opening a Fixed deposit you need to write a Nominee name, and this is a option in Saving account.

5. Pay Rs 100 to open savings account, this is the minimum fee.

6. You will be receiving your Savings Account/ Fixed Deposit Account passbook on the same day.

Advantages of Opening Savings Account/ Fixed Deposit in Post Office

1. ATM Card -You can with draw your money at any post office ATM’s in India.

2. Time Saving -You can save a lot of time in standing queues while you are depositing money in your savings account when compared to banks.

3. Full Security – to your amount as Post Office is linked to Central Government.

4. You can withdraw amount very fast as there are less accounts when compared to banks and also you can Transfer money within minutes to anywhere in the world, these days all the Post Offices in India are fully Computerized.

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