oriental bank of commerce locker charges locker size deposit charges annual charges
Locker Charges

Oriental Bank of Commerce Locker Charges, Locker Size, Deposit Charges, Annual Charges and Other Details

If you are a Oriental Bank of Commerce OBC customer and looking to open a safe security deposit locker in OBC branch then you have option to choose the locker size and locker rate changes based on the obc locker size and the place where the OBC branch has been located, check below for OBC locker charges based on the size and location type.

OBC Locker Charges

Currently Oriental Bank of Commerce OBC has 5 types of lockers based on the size they are Small, Medium, Large, Very Large and Extra Large Lockers.

OBC Small Locker Charges

OBC Small security locker size is 50 sq.inches and locker annual rent charges are Rs 1000 in Rural, Semi Urban areas and Rs 1500 for Urban and Metro Areas.

OBC Medium Locker Charges and Size

Medium locker size has face area of 51 sq. inches to 100 sq. inches.

Charges for OBC Medium lockers annually are Rs 2000 in Rural/Semi Urban areas and Rs 3000 in Urban/Metro Areas.

OBC Large Locker Charges

Size of large security locker is 101 to 200 sq inches.

Large locker charges are Rs 2500 in Rural/Semi Urban areas and Rs 5000 in Urban/Metro areas.

oriental bank of commerce locker charges locker size deposit charges annual charges

OBC Very Large Locker Size and Charges

OBC very large locker size has face area of above 201-300 sq. inches.

Very large locker charges per year is Rs 5000 in Rural or Semi Urban Areas and Rs 7500 in Urban and Metro areas.

OBC Extra Large Locker

OBC Extra Large Locker size is above 300 sq inches.

Yearly Charges for Very Large Locker size is Rs 10000 in Rural/Semi areas and Rs 10000 for Urban/Metro areas.

OBC Free Locker Visits

Oriental Bank of Commerce gives 15 free visits for locker in an year and if you are visiting after free visit then Rs 100 per visit will be charged.

There is no Restriction On Number Of Operations or visits if you pay charges after 15 visits.

Concession for Lockers

If you pay advance payment for 3 years you get 10% discount on locker charges.

If a customer is a senior citizen and is maintaining quarterly average balance of Rs. 50000 and above can avail a discount of 10% on locker facility.

Lost OBC Locker Keys

If you have lost the locker keys you need to visit the branch they will drill the locker and some charges are applied.

OBC Duplicate Keys charges are Actual + Rs 500 towards incidental charges.

Penalty For Delayed Payment Of Locker Rent

If you have delayed payment for locker rent charge then there will a penalty levied as below

For 1st Quarter 10% of annual rent

For 2nd Quarter 25% of annual rent

For 3rd Quarter 40% of annual rent

For 1 Year 50% of annual rent

For more than 1 year Locker will be broken

Note: Minimum Period of Locker facility shall be One Year and for Surrender of Locker, Refund of the Locker Rent amount depends on the time you are surrendering.