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PCRA Android App for PCRA Fuel Saving Tips

Petroleum conservation Research Association PCRA has launched an Android App for Fuel Saving Tips to by using this app it educates the masses about the conservation of fuel and Energy by implementing simple tips. By adopting the tips mentioned in the app users can save fuel and Money in their daily life and also contribute in conservation of Petroleum products.

PCRA Android App

To download PCRA Android App Click here to downloadPCRA Fuel Saving Tips Android app

Some of the Conversation Tips for Better Fuel Efficency
1. Drive between 45-55 Km/H
2. Accelerating or Decelerating unnecessarily
3. Check Engine Health
4. Drive in the Correct Gear
5. When you stop your car, stop engine.

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Petroleum conservation Research Association PCRA has initiated a Conservation Pledge on site for Effective usage of petroleum products, all you have to do is go to this link and take the Pledge.

Registered users of can take the Pledge. Unregistered users are requested to first register then proceed to take the Pledge.