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Play Flipkart #BigBillionGame and 10000 Winners Wins Gift Voucers

Flipkarts The Big Billion Days Offers is more 2 days to go and along with this offers, Flipkart came up with #BigBillionGame Concept as the The Big Billion Days Offers runs from 13th October to 17th and I guess even the game ends on 17th.

Today’s game is already to beginned but there’s a slight change from yesterday.

There is only 1 round with 8 questions. 10,000 winners will get 100 Rs. each and 1 winner will get a holiday to Goa!

So below are question and Answers of The Big Billion Game :

Q1: Shah Rukh Khan played a video game designer in this film. Drag & drop the blu-ray version of the movie.

See Answer here –

Q2: The God of cricket released his autobiography last year. Drag & drop the hardcover version of the book.

See Answer here –!LhuuuuN

Q3: This was slated to be the last album and concert of the King of Pop. Drag & drop the audio music CD.

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Q4: Fardeen Khan and John Abraham have been brand ambassadors of this brand. Drag & drop the Dark Affair deo of this brand.

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Q5: JK Rowling wrote this series about an orphan wizard. Drag & drop the last book in the hardcover version of the 7 book series.

See Answer here –!nNNNNN

Q6: This 2015 Telegu blockbuster is the first part of Telegu director SS Rajmouli’s epic historical series. Drag & drop the movie DVD

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Q7: This famous board game is believed to have been invented by Charles Darrow in 1903. Drag & drop the Indian Edition of the Funskool product.

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Q8: This hotel heiress launched a perfume that has her heiress status in the name. Drag & drop the product.

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The Big Billion Game : I’ll tell you if you won this round by tomorrow morning.

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