Post Office ATM Card Maximum ATM withdrawal Limit Charges Transactions and Other Complete Details

If you have an account in India Post Payments Bank IPPB customer then using your Post Office ATM Card you can withdrawal only certain amount in a day, lets see below for the Maximum ATM withdrawal Limit, Minimum account balance, Interest Rates, ATM/ Debit Card Annual maintenance charges, PIN regeneration charges, Minimum Quarterly Average Balance, ATM monthly transactions, Amount transfer charges or Remittances Charges.

Post Office ATM Card Maximum ATM Withdrawal

India Post Payments Bank IPPB which is a part Postal Bank of India currently provides 3 types of Savings account they are Regular Savings Safal Account, Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) – Sugam Account and BSBDA – Small Account – Saral Account. Below information is same for all the accounts.

Maximum ATM withdrawal Limit

Maximum ATM withdrawal per transaction is Rs 10,000.

In a day you can only withdraw Rs 25,000 in any ATM

Maximum cumulative spend at POS outlets and ecommerce sites per day is Rs 65,000.

Post Office ATM Card Maximum ATM withdrawal Limit Charges Transactions

ATM Withdrawal Charges:

You can withdraw any number of Times at IndiaPost ATMs means free ATM monthly transactions at IndiaPost ATM’s.

Also unlimited free ATM withdrawals at At Punjab National Bank’s ATMs.

At other bank’s ATMs in Metro cities only 3 Free transactions, after 3rd transaction Rs 20 for financial transaction like Balance Withdrawal and Rs 8 for Non-financial like checking balance, mini statement.

At other bank’s ATMs in Non Metro cities only 5 Free transactions same charges like above.

Minimum Account Balance

There is no minimum balance is required in any of the India Post Payments Bank Savings account type.

Also you can only have Rs 1,00,000 maximum balance in your IPPB account.

ATM/ Debit Card Charges

From 2nd year on wards Rs 100 will be charged for Regular Savings Account – Safal Accounts and for other accounts type its free.

For PIN Generation Rs 50 will be charged.

Minimum Average Balance

For IPPB accounts there is no need to maintain Minimum Quarterly Average Balance (QAB).

Annual Interest Rate for all accounts is 5.5% and interest will be paid quarterly.

Amount Transfer Charges

For NEFT Mode if the transaction is below Rs 10,000 then Rs 2.5 per transaction will be charged and if below Rs 1,00,000 then Rs 5 will be charged.

For IMPS Mode Rs 5 per transaction no minimum amount limit.

For AEPS Upto Rs 10,000.

Doorstep Banking Charges

Doorstep Banking – Cash based transactions

For Rs less than Rs 2,001 charges are Rs 15 per visit

Between Rs 2001 – Rs 5000 then Rs 25 per visit.

Between Rs 5001 – Rs 10,000 then Rs 35 per visit.

Cash transactions above INR 10,000 will not be offered at doorstep.

Doorstep Banking – Non-cash based Financial Transactions Remittance INR 10 per visit.

Other IPPB Charges

If ATM card/ KIT returned due to wrong address then Rs 100 will be charged.

If Account Closure within 6 months – Customer induced then Rs 250 will be charged.

Note: To open an IPPB account the you should be above 10 years and with valid KYC.