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Postal Life Insurance PLI Child Policy CP Bal Jiwan Bima

Postal Life Insurance of India has launched a new child policy called Bal Jiwan Bima for children above 5 years look at the full Bal Jiwan Bima policy details below.

Bal Jiwan Bima Policy Details

To provide insurance cover to the two children of each existing PLI /RPLI policyholder provided that only one such policy will be allowed for an insured against one policy.


  1. This is an independent policy, however this policy can not be issued of its own to any child. If the father/mother (insured) of the child has already taken policy or is proposing to take policy on their life either as whole life or endowment Assurance for a sum assured not less than the sum assured of children policy then children policy shall be issued to such insured.
    Not more than one policy will be allowed for one child. The policy can be taken by insured for his/her own child only.
  2. Not more two children in a family shall be covered under this policy. The same child should not be covered under more than one policy.
  3. Any PLI or RPLI policy holder can apply for Child Policy for his two children’s. Premium table is same for PLI or RPLI policy holder’s children policy.

Age Entry for Bal Jiwan Bima

Mini. age at entry of children is 5 years and the maxi. age at entry is 20 years on next birthday The Main insured shall not be aged 45 years and above at the time of taking/issue of children policy.

Sum Assured:
The minimum Sum Assured is Rs 20,000 and the maximum Sum Assured is Rs 3 Lakh. Additional sum assured in multiple of Rs 10,000/-

Medical Examination :

No needs of medical examination of children.

Loan :

No loan is admissible to children policy.


Surrendered and made paid up on usual conditions as applicable to main policy provided at least 5 years premiums have been paid. The amount is admissible as per surrender Table/Factor which would be a fraction of premium paid.

Term :

The outstanding term of the main policy shall not be less than the premium paying period of children policy.
Premium ceasing age at 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,24 &25 yrs.

Claim :
Sum assured shall be payable on children policy on its Maturity or earlier on death of the child
In the event of the death of the insured before the expiry of the children policy, no further premium shall be payable for the balance period of the child policy.


Children Add on with profit(Policy of Sum Assured of INR 1000/-)

For Sum Assured INR 20,000/- a rebate of INR 1/- Per month is admissible on premium.
For the purpose of ‘age at entry’ the age on next birth day will be taken for fixing premium.
For taking policy minimum age at entry will be 5 years & maximum 20 years
Rebate of 2% of the Premium is allowed on annual premium & 1% on half year premium.