Punjab and Sind Bank Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit Reset ATM PIN and Debit Card Charges

If you are Punjab and Sind Bank PSB customer and would like to know how much cash you can withdraw in a day and pos/spending limit in a then it depends on the debit card type you have, check below for the daily card limit and charges.

Punjab and Sind Bank Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit

PSB Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit

Currently Punjab and Sind Bank issues 2 types of ATM cum Debit cards they are RuPay and Master Debit Cards.

For both the PSB debit cards the daily ATM cash withdrawal limit is Rs 25,000 and for pos or ecomm or internet transactions limit is RS 1,00,000.

Above limit applies to both PSB Personalized and Non-Personalized ATM Debit cards.

PSB Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit Reset ATM PIN and Debit Card Charges

PSB ATM/Debit Card Charges

For Re-issue of ATM or Debit card Rs 150 + GST is charged (includes Duplicate Replacement of the card).

ATM transaction charges:

Free ATM Withdrawal Limit?

In a month for Metro city customers you can do free 3 withdrawals and for non metro 5 free withdrawals.

After free withdrawal limit Rs 20 for financial transaction and Rs 9 for non financial transaction is charged.

No charges for Pin change transactions.

How to Reset PSB ATM Card PIN

If you forgot or want to change your Punjab and Sind Bank ATM card PIN then you can do it easily by following below steps.

1. Visit any PSB ATM, then insert your ATM/Debit card and select “Green PIN” option

2. Now select “OTP generation” then you will get a 6 digit OTP which is sent to your registered mobile number.

3. Now Insert again and select “Green PIN” option and select option “OTP validation”.

4. Now enter the received OTP

5. Now enter your new 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) of your choice.

9. After entering a successful message will be displayed and a receipt will be printed.