Rally for Rivers Pledge Your Support with a Missed Call to 8000980009

Isha Foundation is organising a “Rally for Rivers” awareness campaign in consultation with Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation will be driving across 13 states and 20 + major cities to raise awareness and will present a policy document to Govt of India. More the number of calls, Louder the voice of India.

Do you know our rivers are dying? – Rivers in India have depleted by 40% to 60% in one generation!!

Can we stop and take a moment to think of what we are leaving behind for our children? – A water-less country!

What should be done? – 🍃A nationwide intervention to restore our rivers.

Who can do it? – 🙋🏻‍♂ Each one of us 🙋🏻

How? –  ☎ Register your support by giving a missed call on 8000980009

What will a missed call do?
Your missed call will be counted as a support to save rivers and will help in influencing the Government to make a policy change.

When can we do it?
NOW !!


🍂 Spread the word to everyone you know. Every single missed call matters!!🍃

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💧 Let’s save our rivers. Join the movement #RallyforRivers!

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