What is the Real Meaning of 4 Color Dots on NewsPaper

The main reason why the 4 Color Dots are printed on the NewsPapers are to check ifthe newspapers printed are not blurry as it is not possible to check all newspaper by looking at whole pages of newspaper.

Meaning of 4 Color Dots on NewsPaper

Meaning of the four dots printed at the bottom of newspaper is:

The 4 dots which are printed in CMYK sequence:

C: Cyan

M: Magenta

Y: Yellow

K: Black

Simply these dots on newspaper tells if the pictures printed in newspaper is clear or not.

Meaning of 4 Color Dots printed on NewsPaper

While printing, if these four dots don’t come in the same line or align in same line means then they are overlapping, which means pictures in the newspaper are not crisp.

You can check below Picture represention