Realme TV Screen Display Blurred Issue Solutions to Resolve

Realme TV Screen Display Blurred Issue and Solutions to Resolve

If you are Realme TV customer and your Tv Screen display is blurm, let’s see below what causes the Screen display to become blur and solutions to overcome the TV Screen Display Blur Issue. Also See first is it a Hardware Problem or Software issue.

Realme TV Screen Display Blur

Issues Why TV Display Blur

#1. First Check whether Blurred display of HDMI and AV channels like only few channels or showing blur or all the channels.

#2. DTV/ATV source channel signal source receiving display is blurred.

#3. Sometimes OTT Apps displays blurry for YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

#4. The parameter setting of the external device is abnormal.

Solution to Fix Display Blur Issue

Check below solutions to resolve Realme TV Screen Display Blurred Issue

#1. Re-plug the cable between the DTV/ATV or HDMI&AV device and the TV port and try turn/ Restart HDMI&AV equipment and check.

#2. Go to Settings -> Device Preferences -> Reset, now reset the TV system or update the software version also always update the latest OTA push version.

#3. Replace the high-quality network, and manually select the high-definition picture quality in the film source playback interface.

#4. Enter the setting menu of the external display device and select the optimal resolution.

Realme TV Screen Display Blurred Issue Solutions to Resolve

If above solutions didnt work then it is confirmed as a hardware problem, just contact the Real me Service Center or RealMe customer care number and get the issue resolved.