SBI Credit Card WhatsApp Service Activation

If you are a SBI Credit card customer then using WhatsApp you can Experience SBI Cards WhatsApp Connect service where you can know all important updates about your SBI Credit Card in a single window.

SBI Credit Card WhatsApp

SBI Credit Card WhatsApp Service Activation Number 5676791 9004022022

You can activate or Subscribe SBI Card WhatsApp Service using any of below 3 ways.

1. In SBI Card Mobile App, just log in and search for WhatsApp Connect to activate.

2. Just send a sms to 5676791 as WAOPTIN XXXX, where XXXX is the last 4 digits of your SBI card number.

3. Using SBI Card Website

SBI Credit Card WhatsApp Number


All the important updates of your SBI Card will now be sent to your WhatsApp Chat and the SBI card Customer will receive alert on WhatsApp through the number 9004022022.

To opt out or unsubscribe SBI Card WhatsApp Service send a sms as below.

Format: WAOPTOUT XXXX(last 4 digits card number)

Example: WAOPTOUT 1210 and send sms to 5676791