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Tricks to Avoid Whatsapp Blue Tick Messages

Recently Whatsapp rolled out a new update where in the sender can see whether the user has read the message or not. The message will have simple double tick in blue color, it means receiver has read your message.

Different types Whatsapp Tick:

1. ✓ Means Message successfully sent to user.
2. ✓✓ Means Message successfully sent to users phone.
3. ✓✓ Means the user has read your message.


Below are couple of Tricks to avoid Whatsapp Blue Tick messages:

1. Create a Whatsapp Widget on the screen, by this way you can read all the messages sent to you and it wont be in blue tick color.

2. When you receive a Whatsapp pull notification on the top bar just tap on your friends message, it will expand and show you the message without opening it.

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