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Type Google Word Coach on your Mobile Chrome Browser and Test your Vocabulary

Google has launched a fun game on its search where you can test your vocabulary knowledge in small-sized questions, all you have to do is search with “Google Word Coach” on your Mobile Chrome Browser then it displays the game, check the image below.

Google Word Coach

Open Google Chrome Browser on your Android or iPhone Smartphones or in the Google App.

Now Type Google Word Coach in the Address Bar, now you can see the Google Word Coach game.

Google Vocabulary Game

Google Word Coach game is fun with questions and image questions along with scores, you can also view the answer at the end of the set, each level consists of 5 questions.

Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach Game

You can also play the Google Word Coach game on your Android Google app or iPhone Google app.

If you answer all of them correctly you will be getting new harder questions in the next level.

So head over to your mobile and play the fun game.

Why Google Word Coach Not working on Desktop/Laptop Browsers?

This Google Word Coach works only on Mobile Chrome Browsers.

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