Unable to Send SMS from Telenor
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Unable to Send or Receive SMS on Telenor Mobile Network

If you are Telenor mobile network and facing issues like unable to send sms from Telenor and unable to receive sms on Telenor then there could be multiple reasons why you are unable to send and receive sms Telenor the reasons mentioned below will be for both Telenor Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

Unable to Send SMS from Telenor

If you are not able send sms from Telenor then see below methods to modify your settings.

Reason 1: If you took a new Telenor 4G or 3G Sim then you will not be able to send for 24 hours since the activation of the new sim, the new sim we take when we lost the mobile or upgraded to 4G, so need to wait until 24 hours to be able to send sms messages.

Reason 2: If you have not sent any sms from the last 6 months on your Telenor number then there may be chances that Telenor might have deactivated sms message service, call the Telenor customer care 198 and get it activated.

Reason 3: On your message settings there might be wrong sms message center of Telenor, go to your message settings and check the Telenor message center number, check this link for list of Telenor SMS center number

Reason 4: Wrong Date and Time on your mobile handset.

Unable to Send SMS from Telenor

Unable to Receive on Telenor

Reason Why I am Unable to Receive Any SMS Messages on Telenor

Reason 1: For New Telenor sim it will take 24 hours to receive sms it can be any sms like OTP, normal sms. So wait 24 hours to start receiving sms messages.

Reason 2: Check whetther you might have activated DND Do Not Disturb service

Reason 3: Check Phone Memory Space, whether it full

Reason 4: Wrong Date&Time on you mobile phone.