Unable to Send or Receive SMS on Vodafone
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Unable to Send or Receive SMS on Vodafone

If you are using Vodafone mobile network and you are unable to sms or receive sms on your Vodafone network, then below could be one of the reason, check them out below.

This applies mostly to Prepaid Vodafone networks, and for postpaid better to contact customer care.

Unable to Send or Receive SMS on Vodafone

Unable to Send SMS on Vodafone

Below are few reasons for not receiving sms messages on your mobile phone.Unable to Send or Receive SMS on Vodafone

Important: First Check whether your mobile Recharge Plan has Out Going SMS option in the validity plan, because recently vi has launched the Recharge Plans with and without Out going SMS Plans.

Reason 1: First Check whether your Vodafone SMS Center Number is correct or not, go to your Mobile messages settings-> sms center number and check the correct sms message center of Vodafone, check this link for List of Vodafone SMS Center Number for all Circles.

Reason 2: This happened to me so it can happen to you as well, I haven’t sent any sms message to any one from the past 6 months, and when I am sending sms it used to fail every time, then I called Vodafone customer care 9885098850 or 198 then they said because I haven’t used any sms service(outgoing) from past 6 months they blocked sending sms from my mobile number.

I asked them to reactivate my sms service, within 1 hour it got activated and I could able to send sms, so just call customer care of Vodafone and tell them to enable sms service on your vodafone number.


Reason 3: If you have Changed you Vodafone SIM, I mean with the same Vodafone network but new sim say you lost your mobile in that case, then once you took the new Vodafone SIM and you will be not able to send SMS for 2 days from the date of activation of new sim, this is nothing to do with Mobile Number Portability MNP.

So wait for 2 days until your sms service gets activated for new sims.

Reason 4: This happens in rare cases though, once check the date and time on your mobile if it wrong then ther may be chances of not able to send any sms from Vodafone network.

Reason 5: Set your Vodafone Mobile network Manually in mobile network settings on your phone and try to send sms.

Why I am Unable to Receive Any SMS Messages on Vodafone

Below are few reasons where you will be not receiving Vodafone SMS on your mobile phone.

Reason 1: For New activated SIM’s it will take 2 days to receive sms message on your Vodafone number, I mean when your lost your mobile, damaged sim in this case.

Reason 2: Check the memory of Message application on your phone, or else delete few sms from your phone.


Reason 3: You may have activated DND Do Not Disturb Services on your Vodafone mobile number, check for disable it.

If all the reasons mentioned above for not able to send/receive text SMS messages then contact the Vodafone customer care or visit the nearest Vodafone store and get it resolved.