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How to Unblock Facebook at School and Office

Facebook is moslty blocked at school and at work. We are so much addicted to Facebook that we want to connect to facebook all the day, It is really irritating experience for regular users of Facebook and when they are blocked at school or office.

Unblock Facebook at School and Office



Method 1 : Install Tor Browser

Yes by using Tor browser you can access Facebook and other blocked sites, download Tor browser  here,

So What is Tor?  Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy

Method 2: Using VPN To Unblock Facebook

In this method we are going to use browser extension to unblock facebook from office PC.
Step1. Install Zen mate VPN extension for chrome browser.
Step2. Signup for free account.
Step3. Connect to US IP, now open FB.
Congrats now you have successfully unblocked Facebook on your office PC.

Method 3: Using CMD To Unblock Facebook on Computer

In this method we are going to use CMD for unblocking Facebook from School PC.
Step1. Open CMD from Start Menu.
Step2. Now Type “ping” without quotes.
Step3. Now note down IP address command returns it will be in format “”
Step4. Now open browser and type IP address. FB will be unblocked on School or Office PC.