how to open union bank of india locker charges lost keys
Locker Charges Union Bank of India

Union Bank of India Locker Charges Security Deposit Charges and How to Open Locker

If you are a Union Bank of India customer and would like to open a Safe Deposit Locker and know the charges and type of locker you want to choose then check below.

Union Bank of India has 11 types of Safe Deposit Security Lockers and the price and charges depends on the size of the locker and location of the branch like Rural or Semi-urban or Urban or Metro areas.

Union Bank of India Locker Charges

You can open Safe Deposit Locker at your home branch of Union Bank of India account and it can be opened by individuals – either singly or jointly, Partnership Firms, Companies, Associations and Clubs. Check below how to open security deposit locker below.

For opening a locker you have to pay 3 years rent in advance and the amount is based on the size of the locker.

union bank of india locker charges security deposit charges

How to Open Union Bank of India Locker

Visit the branch and fill the security locker opening document and submit to the branch authority along with below list of copies KYC documents, Passport size Photograph, Current or Savings account Passbook, Security Deposit, Locker Agreement.

Note: You need to pay advance amount of 3 years on the type of locker you are opting for.

Penal interest @ 18% on rent overdue with the minimum of Rs.5 will be levied.

how to open union bank of india locker charges lost keys

Lost Union Bank Of India Locker Keys

If for any reason you have lost your Union bank of India security deposit locker key then you need to visit the branch .

Loss of Safe Deposit Locker Key:

Charges for loss of locker key is Rs 1000 + Rs 180 (18% GST) = Rs 1180

UBI branch will break the locker in front of you and issue a new locker key.

How many Times You Can Open Locker for Free

You can visit the branch and open your locker only 12 times per year and if you want to open more than 12 free operations then there will be some charges applicable.

Per each extra operation you need to Pay Rs 50 + Rs 9 GST(18%) = Rs 59

If the locker is surrendered before 3 years you get your deposit amount back for example if you are surrendering after 1 year 5 months then you get only 1 year deposit amount back.