United Bank of India Locker Charges Deposit Charges
Locker Charges United Bank of India

United Bank of India Locker Charges Deposit Charges and Other Details

If you are an UBI United Bank of India customer and want to safeguard your important assets and looking to open a locker in United Bank of India then check below how to open locker in UBI and services charges for locker and other details.

United Bank of India Locker Charges

UBI Locker Charges

United Bank of India Service Charge for Locker rent varies based on the size of the locker and the location of the locker.

Currently United Bank of India has 10 types of Locker Type. See below for locker charges and locker sizes.

united bank of india locker size yearly locker charges based on area

UBI Free Locker Visits

In one year you can do 24 free visits or operations. After 24 free visits you will be charged Rs 100 per every visit.

Operations in the locker will be stopped if rent is not paid on due date.

How to Open UBI Locker

Visit the home branch where you have the UBI account and request them for opening of a safe deposit locker, pay the deposit charges and open.

Lost UBI Locker Keys

If you have lost the keys of your safe deposit locker then you need to immediately inform the branch.

And a service charge of Rs 520 has to be paid and actual expenditure incurred in breaking open the locker and changing of key by manufacturer of locker to be recovered manually.

Penal Charges for Locker Rent in Default:

For A, B, C, D Locker size Rs 70 per quarter
For H1,E,F,G Locker size Rs 90 per quarter
For H,L Locker size Rs 150 per quarter