Vijaya Bank ATM Card PIN Reset

If you are a Vijaya bank customer and has forgot your ATM card PIN or Debit card Pin then you can reset it easily, check below method on how to reset Vijaya Bank ATM Card PIN

Vijaya Bank ATM Card PIN Reset

Reset Vijaya Bank ATM Pin

While using ATM Card Only 3 attempts to re-enter the PIN are provided. Thereafter, the card will be blocked for the day.

Method 1:

Visit any nearest Vijaya ATM then Insert your Viyaja bank ATM Card

and Choose Reset PIN option and enter your mobile number to get OTP and Reset the ATM Pin.

Vijaya Bank ATM Card PIN Reset

Method 2:

Visit your home branch of Vijaya bank account ask the service man to reset your ATM card pin.

Note: Vijaya bank Pin ReGeneration charges are Rs 50 for all types of ATM cards or Debit cards.

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