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Where to Download GBA ROMs

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Nostalgia is a very powerful thing that makes you long for the good old days and bygone moments. Classic gamers know this feeling at first hand. They are reluctant to let go of the happy childhood moments and do their best to re-experience them in the 21st century, the age of mobile, virtual and augmented reality gaming. Some modern gamers find it hard to believe that retro games that were created almost 20 years still can be thrilling and captivating for many people. Some even argue that there is no place for retro gaming in the Digital Age. But such immortal titles as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon Fire Red or Ruby version, Mario Advance, and lots of others suggest otherwise. There appear slews of websites that offer retro games to all connoisseurs of old-school Nintendo titles. We’ll bet you also want to reunite with your favorite Nintendo characters and may be wondering where to download a couple of nice Gameboy Advance ROMs to play on your modern device. No need to beat your brains out anymore. Go on reading to discover the places teeming with the best retro games that have long become legends of the console and handheld gaming.

A Few Words about Abandonware Websites

Some people compare abandonware websites to antique shops. But unlike antique shops, abandonware websites specialize exclusively in collecting offering for download old versions of utility software, productivity apps, and console games, of course. If you visit some of the most popular abandonware websites, you’ll find tons of classic Game Boy Advance and other Nintendo games available for download.

To download a preferred game, you need to locate it on the website. You can either select the console name whose titles you want to download or avail yourself of the search bar to put your hands on the desired ROM file. Once you locate the GBA ROM, hit the “Download” button.

Some websites allow you to play their retro titles online with the help of on-site emulator. This option may come in handy, especially if you haven’t decided which ROM to download and want to try some of them out.

Among the most reputable and time-tested abandonware websites are Freeroms, Abandonware Dos, Games Nostalgia, My Abandonware, and RomsHub. There online resources present you with an opportunity to download as many emulator games as you please and embark on a trip through your childhood.

What are the Best GBA Games to Play?

Once you land on the best abandonware website, you may find yourself at a loss for words to express your delight and astonishment. Lots of people cannot choose among a wide range of Gameboy Advance ROMs offered by abandonware websites. You also may realize that you won’t be able to find enough time to play all of the Game Boy Advance ROMs you would like to download. You’re not alone! So, many people ask us what titles are considered the best. Truth be told, it’s the most difficult question a games could ask. Tastes, they are different. Thus, you need to find something that takes your breath away. If you sign nostalgically when you recall the adventures of Mario, it means that games in the Mario franchise, like Super Mario Advance, will be your best bet. If you’re still itching to catch all pocket monsters, focus on Pokemon franchise with its Leaf Green Version, Fire Red Version, or Emerald Version. You can also play Metroid Fusion, Castlevania, Golden Sun, and a plethora of other legendary Gameboy Advance games on your PC or mobile device. Just download ROMs and start playing them using your favorite emulator. Make no mistake, they are all the best GBA ROMs for you.

Enjoy your game!